Brake & Clutch replacement & upgrades
Macs Muffler specialise in all your brake and clutch maintenance


It is important to perform regular inspections to ensure your vehicles clutch & brakes are performing correctly and safely. Mac’s Mufflers Geebung have years of experience in the adjustment, replacement and upgrades of vehicle clutch and brake systems. The early diagnosis of brake and clutch problems can save you thousands of dollars, early detection enables the option to make adjustments to your vehicles systems or even to machine and recondition your existing parts. Frequent inspections and regular maintenance can avoid what could be a costly exercise. If components are required to be replaced, Macs Muffler only uses quality products that meet the manufacturer specifications of your vehicle. Book in for a clutch and brake inspection today.


We will inspect, diagnose and rectify any problems you may be experiencing with your vehicles clutch, brake or transmission systems. Depending on the condition of the components we will either adjust/repair or replace these parts. If your vehicle requires the upgrade to heavy duty components for towing or performance driving, speak to our technicians and have them match the parts to suit your driving requirements. Here at Macs Muffler we will get your vehicle performing to it’s full potential at the right price.


It is important to ensure your vehicles clutch is adjusted correctly to maximise it’s efficiency and lifespan. Replacing or rebuilding your clutch can avoid costly damage to your transmission. We also provide clutch upgrades for performance vehicles and heavy duty clutches for tow vehicles.


Maintenance to your vehicles braking system is a requirement for driving safety. We can machine your vehicles existing disc rotors, replace any worn components with quality replacement parts or upgrade your vehicles braking system for high performance applications.


Automatic transmissions and their components also require maintenance and attention. We specialise in automatic transmission maintenance and rebuilding failed transmissions.

"Over 30 years experience in clutches & brakes"

We use quality OEM parts on your vehicle

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